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Losing your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, laptop, or cell phone is frustrating!  And that frustration can lead to feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and panic when you realize the type of information those items typically contain. 

It's not right that the loss of any of these items could impact your safety.

Trak-n-Return® helps protect against these feelings of helplessness.  We help bring peace-of-mind.

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Omit Worry

Lost Items Get Returned.
Quickly. Safely.

Be Safe and Secure

Your personal information is never exposed!

Gain Peace-of-Mind

Inherent ID Theft protection.
No Prying Eyes to worry about.

Trak-n-Return®   Lost Items Get Returned.
Inherent ID Theft Protection. 

We've all lost stuff.

We understand.  We've "been there and done that."

Lost keys at work?  Yep.
Lost wallet on a ski slope?  Did that too.
Left backpack in the coffee shop?  You betcha.

But losing something shouldn't inflict serious damage like
identity fraud or worse.

So, we developed Trak-n-Return® to help save you
 time, money and frustration.

While most people rarely think about luggage tags, they (tags) can tell others more than you want them to know. -  USA Today

Save Time

Our customers have saved thousands of hours searching for and replacing valued items.  

Save Money

Our customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars not having to replace items that have been recovered.

Save Frustration

In 2019, identity fraud resulted in $16.9 billion of losses. 

You know that initial rush of adrenaline and panic when you realize you've lost your keys, luggage, backpack, wallet, or cell phone? 

Now imagine that feeling of relief you feel when it is recovered.

Our customers have saved countless hours of frustration and distress avoiding identity theft. 

Simple to Use

1.  Get a Trak-n-Return® Tag

Tags are available from our marketing partners or our online store.

2.  Activate the Tag

This links the unique tag PIN code to you. 

(30 second process)

3.  Attach Tag & Relax

Attach tags to your valued belongings.

And you are done.

No Batteries Required

No Smartphone or Apps Required

No Bluetooth Required


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    Saved my $40,000 Car

    After going on a family hike, I could not find my car keys.  I was panicking until my cell phone rang.  The caller used the Trak-n-Return tag on my keyring to find me.  He was in the same parking lot about 100 feet away!  I am very thankful to Trak-n-Return! - DH, Las Vegas, NV

    Saved  $800 + My Sanity + My Privacy

    On a business trip, I unknowingly dropped my phone at the Denver Airport late one night. I didn't know it was missing until I got home. Fortunately, I had my Trak-n-Return sticker on it. I received a call from a nice fellow who picked it up and read the sticker. So great to have gotten it back so quickly! - EM, Denver, CO

    Saved $300 + Valuable Vacation Time

    While on vacation, my husband left his eyeglasses in the seat pocket on the plane.  The case had a Trak-n-Return sticker on it. We received a call from the airline that they found his glasses. Instead of spending $300 on a replacement pair of glasses and a bunch of valuable vacation time, we were able to prepay for the airline to ship the glasses to us. We had them the next day! Thank you! - HM, Fort Lauderdale, FL

              Stop Exposing 

              Your Personal Information!

              Be smart.    Be safe.    Be proactive.
              Secure your identity and valuables with Trak-n-Return®.

              Just like you, we at Trak-n-Return ® don't want our personal information exposed to prying eyes. 

              All of us are busy and our lives can be chaotic at times.  Sadly, losing a valued belonging can leave us feeling unsafe because of the information a lost item may contain.    

              We understand and believe it's wrong that losing anything might impact your sense of security.   That’s why we created a safe path to recover your lost belongings.

              Our Plan works like this:

              1. You get a tag from a marketing partner or from our online store

              2. You activate the tag. This 30 second process links your Trak-n-Return ® tag to your account.  Your account information is never seen by anyone but you.

              3. You attach Trak-n-Return ® identification tags to anything you own.  

              Our safe recovery path allows the finder to contact you directly, within seconds, without the finder being exposed to any of your personal information.

              Buy Trak-n-Return ® tags so you can stop exposing your personal information and start experiencing the peace-of-mind you deserve.

              Trak-n-Return®   Lost Items Get Returned.
              Inherent ID Theft Protection. 



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